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.a scheme that gives back to young people in the local area with free training and interactive workshops in radio production…


The Youth Academy (formerly known as the CSR Youth Academy) was established in 2012 by your local Community & Student Radio station, CSRfm. The station holds a Community FM licence as awarded by Ofcom, and as a credit to our strong community values we sought to develop a scheme that gives back to young people in the local area with free training and interactive workshops in radio production.

To date, we have delivered Youth Academy workshops and courses to over 70 young people from all over Canterbury including students of Canterbury College, The King’s School Canterbury, and Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School.

Going forward, we are developing The Youth Academy to be even more accessible to young people in the local community and further afield, with an aim to become an accredited enrichment programme that is better recognised and even more reputable among local schools, colleges, and youth groups, and to the general youth population of Kent.


We are also proud to offer our course in the form of individual workshops, where by we are able to cater to larger groups of young people who are perhaps looking for a flexible enrichment programme either for school, college, or their local Youth Group.

If you are interested in arranging a workshop with us, please click the REGISTER button above – feel free to email us on to discuss what you’re looking for in greater detail.


In this workshop we focus on the essentials of being an entertaining and informative radio presenter, looking at various aspects such as timing, preparation, speed, and the use of various techniques like ‘crashing the vocals’ and ‘filling’. We also spend some time looking at how to stay safe on-air with a touch on basic media law, assessing how we should avoid potentially defamatory and libelous situations.


This workshop is all about helping you come up with original ideas for the content of a daytime radio show. We look at some of the best and most popular examples of daytime radio features, and talk you through some useful steps to developing your very own features, as well as choosing topics for discussion during your show. We also spend time looking at potentially controversial features, with examples of both good radio features, and features that have gone terribly wrong.


Here we identify the golden rules of how to produce a great news report, giving you our best tips and advice on what to look for when compiling a report whether it is for radio, television, or publication. We look at how to research news, how to write that perfect article, and then how to record it in a radio news script.In the second half of this workshop we share our top tips for conducting an effective interview with your guest, looking at techniques to get the most out of your interviewee be it for an entertaining interview or an informative one.


In this workshop we look at good practice for audio editing, a key ingredient for making any radio show (and its station) sound professional and entertaining. We capture the very basics of audio editing using techniques in software such as Audacity and Adobe Audition, cutting audio and removing ‘dead air’ when piecing together pre-recorded material. We’ll also touch on podcasting and how to transform your ready-made-show into podcast-worthy content.For the second half of this workshop, we turn our attention towards imaging – often regarded as the glue that holds all the bricks together in a radio show. We show you some easy-to-create imagery in the form of jingles, idents, beds, and stabs before walking you through how to record and create your own imaging for your first radio show. We’ll also give you a valuable chunk of our own imaging materials, enabling you to take your editing home with you and keep creating that radio gold.



What ages is The Youth Academy open to?

The Youth Academy is open to any young people aged 11-17. Anyone under the age of 11 should still have an adult help them register their interest in the academy, as we hope to work with junior and infant schools in the future – at which point we will be able to sign post you to the relevant opportunities available. Anyone aged 18 or over should enquire into joining CSRfm to broaden the scope of the training available to them.

Is The Youth Academy exclusive to young people in Canterbury?

No. Anyone aged 11-17 can engage with The Youth Academy. The local community of Canterbury is our primary focus, but we do not turn anyone away based on where they are coming from.

I want to know more, who can I speak to?

You should visit the Contact Page and send us an email using the web form you find there. Alternatively, please feel free to call us on (01227) 816 101.

How much does The Youth Academy cost?

The Youth Academy is completely free, though should you wish to sponsor or donate to the programme it would be very much appreciated. To find out more, please email us or give us a call.

Who delivers The Youth Academy course content?

The Youth Academy is a volunteer-driven teaching programme which is designed and delivered by members (volunteers) of CSRfm. All session leaders receive Safeguarding Training and are registered with the Disclosure & Barring Service. All workshops and courses are supervised by one of three responsible adults – one Deputy Station Manager for CSRfm, and two full-time members of staff for Canterbury Youth & Student Media Ltd. These adults are also registered with the Disclosure & Barring Service.

Do you visit schools/colleges/youth groups to deliver workshops?

We are more than happy to deliver workshops in your school, college, or youth centre. We encourage you to get in touch either by phone or by email so that we can discuss the feasibility of coming out to you and delivering a workshop you want, as we must consider things like distance, accessibility, equipment etc.

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