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Underground Dance Collective

with Manjit Gora

Underground Dance Collective

with Manjit Gora

Welcome to the Underground Dance Collective, a fresh new show @ CSRFM.

The show has two objectives:

1. To make you feel.

2. To make you want to dance.

All music comes out of my vinyl collection and together we will be exploring songs and music, from the 70s up to the present day.

Be prepared to to embrace with loving arms; Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz, House, Garage, Techno, Reggae, Downtempo, Chillout, Rock, Hardcore, Jungle & DnB.

I will also perform live DJ mixes, for your listening pleasure.

Find me at 97.4 CSRFM, on Tuesdays, 7pm-8pm.


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19:00 20:00

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