Find out a little bit more about the committee team that run your station and what they do!

MATT PODD – Station Manager & Production Team Leader

Matt is CSR Station Manager and Head of Production, working alongside Kent Union. A current Kent student, Matt presented CSR’s Residency every Friday night, bringing the sound of nightclubs to listeners. It’s no surprise then that he is also a club DJ working around Canterbury.

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ENRIC THIER – Social Media Manager

Travelling enthusiast Enric is a current Christchurch student. In case you were wondering, Enric’s favourite song is ho tenim tot by Doctor Prats, which he’s bound to try and play through CSR soon!

[email protected]

GAVIN BLUNT – Website Team Leader & Weekends Team Leader

Community member Gavin is Team Leader for both our online presence through our Website and our station output at the Weekend.

Through his Website role, he is responsible for maintaining all aspects of our online presence, through the CSR website and working with the other station departments in order to create and maintain an up-to-date platform, that engages the station’s listenership.

Through his Weekends role, he works with his team of presenters, to ensure our station output is cheery, relaxing and feel good, during the most important 48 hours of the week.

In fact Gavin is our longest member, having been with CSR since 2008! In recognition of this he received the first long service award at the 2018 KIC awards.

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JOEL GRAHAM – Design Team Leader

Christchurch 2017 graduate Joel is our man in the know when it comes to posters and flyers. Joel is well-known to the station as our Friday night DJ and has even done a back to back DJ set with So Solid Crew in Canterbury!

[email protected]

LUKE FINCH – Head of Music

In charge of music, Luke is a current Christchurch student studying FRTV. Alongside being Head of Music, he also has his Friday night show, Bored in the House. Luke loves his DJing, especially drum and bass & house music.

[email protected]

ROSS HOARE – Technical Manager

Friday loving Ross has 5+ years experience and has been with CSR since 2017. He currently hosts award nominated shows: Friday Drive and New Music Friday.

[email protected]

SVEN STEARS – Marketing Manager

Sven is CSR’s Marketing Manager. We haven’t managed to corner him for a grilling yet – check back soon to find out more about him!

[email protected]

TONE BLAKESLEY – Head of Specialist

CCCU Student Tone knows it all when it comes to specialist shows. He’s no stranger to the studio and produces and presents many shows himself including award-winning ‘Take 2’ featuring interviews from many famous and local people. Tone also presents a progressive rock and jazz fusion show named ‘At the Edge of Prog.’ When not in front of the mic, Tone composes and produces his own music and plays an array of vintage analogue synths.

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