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Head of Daytime

Shak is our Head of Daytime.

He’s in charge of making sure our Daytime schedule runs smoothly, working with presenters and producers both new and old. He also trains people up with our studio equipment in an informative and fun way. Really what he wants is for people to enjoy what they are doing with us here at CSR.

When he’s not doing radio shenanigans, He’s got his head down with the world of business and the ever-expanding nature of philosophy – his degree at CCCU.

In general, he can’t resist watching a good film, getting immersed in a great game, or losing himself to a banger of a tune. He also writes and gets himself involved with projects and tries to never have a dull moment.

He loves keeping himself busy and helping out wherever he can.

Shak also co-presents Nerds After Bedtime with Isabella and Josh.


If you need to get hold of Shak, please email him at

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