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Head of Speech

Josh is our Head of Speech

His role is to help get your shows up and running.
He works with speech shows, scheduling and training, to ensure quality content on our airwaves.

He loves diversity, so his main aim is to get a variety of Speech shows out there, from those focused on mental health, spaces for creative artists, as well as themed chat shows. If you’ve got a passion for a topic, then why not talk about it – and that’s what he wants to push for CSR.

Outside of CSR, he enjoys creatively expressing himself, often through characters and writing most commonly through the world of Dungeons and Dragons. He studies History and Sociology at CCCU, as he loves to understand how things work and knowing how to use the past to help with the future, part of life is getting to know people and understanding how we all work together – and he wants to bring this to our community.

You can also catch Josh on the airwaves, as he co-presents Nerds After Bedtime, on Thursday evenings.


If you need to get hold of Josh, please email him at

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