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Station Manager

Isabella is our Station Manager

As Station Manager, Isabella oversees all aspects of the day-to-day running of CSRfm, meets the needs of the station’s members and champions its reputation with the local and student communities in Canterbury.

When she isn’t nerding it up on Nerds After Bedtime or working as Station Manager, Isabella is running about doing all sorts of things and projects. She studies History and RPE at Christ Church, which means in her academic years she spends most of her time stalking the dead whilst contemplating the ethics and philosophy behind such actions. Besides this she also spends a great deal of time shooting photography, writing up stories, poetry and projects, big and small. She is very passionate about the creative arts as well as ethics.

You can also catch Isabella on the airwaves, as she co-presents Nerds After Bedtime, on Thursday evenings.


If you need to get hold of Isabella, please email her at

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