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Station Manager Isabella is our Station Manager As Station Manager, Isabella oversees all aspects of the day-to-day running of CSRfm, meets the needs of the station’s members and champions its reputation with the local and student communities in Canterbury. When she isn’t nerding it up on Nerds After Bedtime or working as Station Manager, Isabella […]

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Programming Manager Graham is one of CSR’s community members having joined the station in 2013 and is the host of Graham Hukins’ Sunday Best.  He was elected Programming Manager in early 2019 to control and maintain the on-air output of the station, creating opportunities for a variety of content to flourish. He also encourages high […]

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Music Team Leader Sarah is our Music Team Leader. In her role as Music Team Leader, Sarah upholds the CSRfm Music Policy, while regularly producing and monitoring the monthly playlist for the station.   If you need to get hold of Sarah, please email her at

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Off Air Manager Ross is our Off Air Manager at CSR. As well as helping to run the station, Ross also presents Monday Drive with Shane on Mondays and his own show Friday Drive with Sarah on Fridays.   If you need to get hold of Ross, please email him at

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Web Team Leader Gavin is our Web Team Leader here at CSR. As Web Team Leader, Gavin is responsible for maintaining all aspects of the CSRfm website and working with other station departments, in order to create and maintain an up to date and relevant platform, that engages the station’s listenership. Gavin is the longest serving […]

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Secretary Enric is our Secretary at CSR You can also catch Enric on the airwaves, as he presents Bubble Check, on Tuesday afternoons.   If you need to get hold of Enric, please email him at

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Head of Specialist Tone is our Head of Specialist His role is to effectively manage our Specialist programming, and to enable our members to get their shows onto the schedule. You can also catch Tone on the airwaves, with his shows – At the Edge of Prog, Take 2 and The Tone Blakesley Show   […]

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Head of Speech Josh is our Head of Speech His role is to help get your shows up and running. He works with speech shows, scheduling and training, to ensure quality content on our airwaves. He loves diversity, so his main aim is to get a variety of Speech shows out there, from those focused […]

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Head of Weekends Freddie is our Head of Weekends at CSR. He tries his best to keep our weekend content chill when it needs to be chill, heavy when it needs to be heavy and hyped when you’re getting ready to go out. The shows he puts out at the Weekend are some of his […]

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If you are interested in getting involved in the Marketing side of the station, please email the Team at and one of us will be in touch with you!

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