How do I listen to CSR?


How do I get involved in CSR?


I am an artist and want to be played on CSR. Is that possible?
Absolutely! We love new and upcoming music. Please contact the Head of Music and we’ll be in touch.

I am a local business/ charity or community group. Can we be promoted on CSR?
We are always happy for new relationships and to promote in the local area. Please get in touch with marketing and they will contact you.

Can anyone join CSR?
Yes! We are open to student and community members. Get in touch and a member of our team will be able to advise you on training and roles etc.

I want to join CSR but I don’t want to present.
Not a problem! There are lots of roles available behind the scenes as well.

I would like my society or someone I know to be interviewed for CSRfm, is that possible?
Definitely! Get in touch with the Head of Specialist or Head of Marketing about this.

Does CSR broadcast live on radio?
At the moment we aren’t on FM but we are broadcasting live online.

What are the regulations regarding COVID?
As you can imagine, we’ve had to change some things in line with current safety measures. All risk assessments and safety are up to date. Please find us on social media for the latest information regarding this.

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