CSR’s Committee

CSR’s Committee needs you. If you’ve got previous experience in broadcast media, you’re studying Journalism at University or even if you’re just interested in radio… we need you to help run our radio station in 2022 and 2023.

Anyone can get involved with CSR’s Committee, both students AND community members provided that you have a valid CSR membership. It’s a unique experience where you’ll get to run a multi-award winning radio station, gain invaluable experience and knowledge that looks amazing on a CV and will set you apart from other candidates.

We understand that you may want to join CSR’s Committee, but you’re worried of it getting in the way of your studies. We’re students too, so rest assured that if you join our committee we will be understanding of your studies. You can commit as much or little time as you wish – all we ask is your attendance at our monthly meetings, which take place at 7pm on the first Monday of every month.

Provided that you have an eligible CSR membership, you can run for any position you wish by e-mailing your manifesto to us – [email protected]. What should you manifesto consist of? We don’t have any specific requirements, however in previous years manifestos from successful candidates have consisted of why you think you are a suitable candidate for that position, any previous experience that is relevant and/or your vision for the future of CSR.

Committee positions are valid for one academic year. During the elections process (which occurs alongside the other Kent Union societies), the positions elected to the previous Committee members comes to an end and you will have the chance to run for any position you wish. All CSR members are eligible to vote for you, you can vote for yourself, and the candidate with the most amount of votes will be elected to that position. Once the elections processes are over, you can still join CSR’s Committee. Your manifesto can still be considered by the committee, who will vote on whether or not to elect you to that position. If successful, you will be elected to that position.

Please find a document attached to this page outlining the roles within CSR’s Committee. Last updated July 2022.

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