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The Morning Mix Jukebox

Mornings feature news on the hour plus non-stop music including alternative and indie tracks from the last two decades, the [...]

7:00 am

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Between the Lines

Discussion on niche topics not in the eye of the mainstream media. Covering a host of topics, ranging from daily life to more serious issues.[...]

12:00 pm

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Rock of Ages

Join Luis every week for Rock of Ages, on Wednesdays from 11am-12pm. The show plays rock music from all ages, from the swinging 60s to today!

1:00 pm

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Back To The Eighties

Join Mirka Karaskova, a young enthusiast on a crusade, to champion the cause of the listeners to quench their thirst for all things 80s.

2:00 pm

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Hype O’Clock

A hyped-up hour to get you home with Bogdan. There's mainstream internet news, the Playlist takeover and everything trending.  Tune in and start the party!

3:00 pm

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The Afternoon Shuffle

CSR’s afternoon music service features the best from the current CSR playlist, plus 21st Century indie and alternative music blended with throwbacks to [...]

4:00 pm

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The Music Plugs

The Music Plugs is a weekly talk show, updating you on the latest music, with quirky discussions.

5:00 pm

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Three Draws is a Win

Join Joe and a revolving door of guest hosts on Wednesday evenings, as they give completely unqualified opinions and discuss the week's most pressing topics from around the football world. Combining debates on the biggest issues of the week, with a look back at the action from the biggest games and ahead to forthcoming fixtures, it promises to be more exciting than a no score draw!

6:00 pm

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Tom’s Phantasmagoria

An hour of comedy with original sketches, audience interaction and the odd bit of music in between. You can't go wrong with that, can you!?

7:00 pm

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The International Show

Mirka celebrates music from all around the globe ????<span [...]

8:00 pm

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The Evening Shuffle

Tracks from the current CSR playlist are aired alongside 21st Century indie and alternative music and a handful of 90s favourites retro classics to [...]

9:00 pm

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The Late Night Local

Join Daniel and Angus, every Wednesday, from 10pm til 11pm.[...]

10:00 pm

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The Night-time Shuffle

CSR's non-stop overnight music service features the best from the current CSR playlist plus 21st Century indie and alternative music blended with [...]

11:00 pm

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