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Programming Manager and Head of Weekends

Graham is one of CSR’s community members having joined the station in 2013 and is the host of Graham Hukins’ Sunday Best.  He was elected Programming Manager in early 2019 to control and maintain the on-air output of the station, creating opportunities for a variety of content to flourish. He also encourages high quality broadcasting across a variety of programming including speech, news and specialist radio.

In addition, Graham has possibly the best job title ever, having become Head of Weekends in 2015.  He is responsible for managing all weekend shows, their presenters, their content and the overall weekend schedule.  He encourages presenters to fill the programming schedule, nurtures new talent to air with training and mentoring. He provides feedback and support to members with their demos and show performance and sources carefully picked syndicated shows to supplement in-house content to provide the fullest possible weekend schedules.

In “real life” Graham is an experienced tourism professional and has managed and promoted some of Kent’s leading attractions.  His interest in radio dates back to his student days when he was a presenter with University Radio Bath!


If you need to get hold of Graham in either of his roles, please email him at or

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