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Communications Manager and joint Head of Visualisation

Alayna is our Communications Manager and joint Head of Visualisation at CSR.

In her role as Communications Manager, she heads up CSR’s external and internal communications, raising the profile of the station, and manages a communications team to effectively coordinate the stations outward-facing activities; producing and posting online content, creating visualisation, arranging and promoting competitions, live events, and keeping audiences and members informed via social media, designing eye-catching promotional materials, finding interviews and press accreditation, and general marketing and PR.

As joint Head of Visualisation she helps to develop visualisation within the station’s Communications Team, while maintaining the CSRfm brand. She identifies opportunities to create more engaging content using other media types both new and to complement what we already do, recognising the latest trends in visual media and mobile-friendly media.


If you need to get hold of Alayna in either of her roles, please email her at or

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